How felt/infinity gasket works 

The felt and infinity gasket ensure a tight seal between the ceramic lid (dome) and base. A felt gasket should be replaced after using about 40 times. An Infinity gasket tends to last longer. However, for both a felt and an infinity gasket, it depends on how often the kamado is used and in what way. Late replacement may damage the Grizzly Grills.  


When to replace? 

 The felt gasket/infinity gasket should be replaced when it becomes flat and/or slippery, and/or starts to fray. Leaking smoke is also often a sign that the felt needs to be replaced.  


Instruction for replacing gasket:  


  • Remove the old gasket. This can be done with a sharp knife, for example. Be careful not to damage the ceramic. 
  • Remove the old glue residues with, for example, a sharp knife or putty knife, and sandpaper with a coarse grit (P120/ P140). Be extra careful with this, so you don't damage the ceramic. 
  • Clean and degrease the edges well with acetone. 
  • Attach the infinity gasket with the end strip (wrapped part to cover the two end pieces) to the back of the kamado (at the hinge). 
  • Now attach the gasket over the entire edge of the base and dome. Make sure there is not too much tension on the gasket. 
  • You can join the ends of the infinity gasket at the hinge by wrapping it with the end strip. If you use felt, just cut it to size.  
  • Let the glue dry for 48 hours with a closed lid.