The height of the temperature very much depends on the amount of oxygen and other conditions such as wind, humidity, coal type and the outside temperature. A few tips for getting the temperature up: 

  • Use good dry coals, and fill the firebox/charcoal basket completely. 
  • Use a type of charcoal suitable for high-temperature barbecuing.  
  • Make sure the damper in the base is well clear of ash, for the oxygen supply. 
  • Fully open the air shaft. 
  • Fully open the top cap as well.  
  • You can also remove the top cap from the Grizzly Grills entirely. Once the Grill Guru has reached the desired temperature, put it back on to stay in control of the temperature. 

 Note: try not to let the temperature rise too fast. After all, the ceramic needs to get acclimated to the heat a bit, especially!