Replacing Infinity gasket

If you are going to replace the Gasket, it is helpful to do so after you have used the Kamado several times.

In this way you replace the Infinity Gasket.

  • Remove the old gasket (be careful not to damage the ceramic)
  • Remove old glue residue by cutting with a putty knife (carefully!) and sandpaper with coarse grit (P120 / P140)
  • Clean the edges with acetone to make them grease-free.
  • Gasket with end strip (wrapped part to cover the two end pieces) to the back of the kamado.
  • Attach gasket (make sure there is not too much tension on it).
  • Attach gasket to size to the end strip and wrap it around the last piece of gasket.
  • Allow the adhesive to cure for 48 hours with the lid closed.