Direct and Indirect grilling

The biggest and easiest difference in using the kamado is the choice between direct or indirect grilling. You achieve this by using the kamado with or without the Plate Setter stone.  

When grilling directly, one does not use a Plate Setter stone. These are often dishes that are made at a slightly higher temperature and need to get a nice golden brown coat or grill stripes. By removing the Plate Setter stone, the food is cooked not only by the hot air and smoke but also by the direct radiant heat of the charcoal. 

Indirect grilling is best compared to using an oven. Indirect grilling is often done with low and slow dishes such as pulled pork and spare ribs. For indirect grilling, use the Plate Setter stone in the Plate Setter. Also, for making pizzas on the kamado, we recommend placing a Plate Setter stone under the Pizza Stone.