Making the Grizzly Winter ready

  • Clean it well, remove food debris, open the air vents and remove the cast iron top. This will allow the Grizzly to breathe best.
  • Spray the metal parts with, for example, WD40, so that they are more resistant to weather conditions such as rain and frost.
  • Grease the cast iron top with vegetable oil before you let it burn once. This will prevent rust formation. Repeat every few months and before winter.

If your Grizzly can't go inside a shed , protect it with a rain cover. The rain cover ensures that your kamado is protected from wind and weather. Due to the sealing effect of the raincover in combination with possible condensation by pulling up moisture, there is a chance of mold forming in or on the kamado. This possible condensation can especially cause prints, stains and / or mold on the bamboo parts of your kamado. Therefore, we recommend that you remove any side tables from your kamado before covering the kamado (for a long time) with the rain cover. It is best to store the side tables in a dry place. We also recommend to air the kamado every now and then by taking the cover off for a while during nice weather. In this way, your kamado stays in top shape as long as possible!

Good news: the Grizzly can be used throughout the year, even when it's freezing and/or there is frost on your Grizzly! 

Note: In the winter, the temperature differences are extra large. To prevent the cracking and/or tearing of the ceramic parts, it is best to let the temperature rise as slowly as possible.

Start with the top and bottom ventilation that are only open for a small part. You can slowly open them further and further to allow the temperature to rise. So you need to be patient, but this will certainly be rewarded. The better your winter meal will taste!