Cast iron accesories

Cast iron pans and grills often add more flavor to your dish that once you've used it you won't want it any other way.

Cast iron cookware does require proper maintenance, but then you will also enjoy it for a lifetime.

Instant cleaning

  • Wash with hot water while the cast iron grill or pan is still hot. 
  • Use of soap or dishwasher is not recommended.
  • Use coarse sea salt to remove stubborn residue without damaging the seasoning.
  • Use kitchen paper or a brush to rub the surface well with salt.
  • You can also boil water in the pan to dissolve super stubborn issues.
  • For the grill, you can soak boiling water in combination with brushing.

Quick drying

  • After cleaning, dry the pan or grate thoroughly immediately. 
  • Then use kitchen paper to apply vegetable oil to the inside of the pan and grate.
  • Then store your cast iron items in a dry and cool place.


For cast iron cookware, the shiny season layer is the polymerization of fat on the inside of the pan or on the grate. It acts as a kind of non-stick coating and also prevents rusting. With proper care of the seasonal coating, cast iron will last a lifetime.

Remove rust

Rusty? Rub the grid or pan clean with a steel wool scouring pad. Then apply a new seasonal coating:

  • Wash vigorously with warm and as an exception now a little soap. Then dry thoroughly.
  • Rub with kitchen paper and vegetable oil to grease everything. After rubbing with clean piece of kitchen paper to remove excess oil.
  • Bring your Grizzly to 125 degrees and heat the grill or pan for about an hour.