You have completed your grilling session and it is time to put out the Grizzly Grills. For this, we have listed the following steps for you. 


  • Remove all food residues. For burnt-on food residues, it may help to heat up the Grizzly Grills first, after cooling down you can easily remove the food residues with a BBQ brush. After removing the food residues, you can grease the grill with some vegetable oil to prevent rusting. Use an oil that can withstand high temperatures; olive oil is unsuitable.  
  • Close the top cap and damper. Due to the lack of oxygen, the coals in the firebox will slowly extinguish and the kamado will quietly cool down. Never douse a kamado with water! 
  • If you are going to clean the Grizzly Grills, do so only after it has cooled down completely, remove the grate, the plate setter rack, gently shake the charcoal basket with the remaining coals for a while so that any ash ends up in the firebox and/or on the bottom of the kamado. 
  • You can simply reuse the coals left over in the next grilling session. 
  • Remove excess ash with a dustpan and brush or an ash poker.  
  • After all the ash has been removed, you can put the plate setter rack and grill back. 

After the Grizzly Grills has cooled down completely, you can put the rain cover back over it to give it optimal weather protection.