Turn off the Fire.

You've completed your Grilling session and it's time to extinguish the Grizzly. We have listed the following steps for you.

  • Remove all food debris. With burned-on food residues it can help to fire up the Grizzly first. After it cools down you can easily remove the food residues with the BBQ brush.  After removing the food residue you can grease the grid with some vegetable oil to prevent rusting.
  • Close the Topcap and air damper. Due to lack of oxygen, the coals in the firebox will slowly extinguish and the Grizzly will quietly cool down. Never extinguish a Kamado with water!
  • After the Grizzly has cooled down completely, you can put the rain cover back on to protect the Grizzly optimally against the weather.

The coals that are left over can be reused for the next grilling session.

If you are going to clean the Grizzly, do this only after it has completely cooled down, remove the grid, the platesetter rack, shake the coal basket with the remaining coals gently so that any ash in the ash lifter comes to a right.

Empty the ash lifter and remove excess ash with dustpan and brush or an ash vacuum cleaner.

After all the ash is removed you can refill the coal basket with coals and replace the platesetter rack and the grill grid.

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