First time use.

Below you can read step by step what you need to do in order to enjoy your BBQ. 

After you have unpacked The Bastard it is advisable to check all the screws and tighten them if necessary. During transport something may have vibrated loose.

  • Install the handle.
  • Remove all Styrofoam from inside the kamado. Also under the fire basket.
  • Make sure the opening of the fire basket matches the bottom ventilation air hole at the bottom of the Bastard.
  • Place the coal grate at the bottom of the fire basket.
  • Place the side tables*: assemble the four holders of the side tables. Make sure the openings are facing the same direction.
  • Assemble the undercarriage with wheels* as shown in the drawing.
  • Place the top ventilation disc on the Grizzly.

Important! The Bastard is a cordierite ceramic kamado. The ceramic needs to get used to the high temperatures. We recommend that the first 3 times you fire up the Grizzly Grill you do not exceed 250 degrees Celsius.

Also, make sure you let the temperature rise as slowly as possible, especially if it is cold and/or humid weather. This will allow the ceramic to soak in and prevent cracking and/or snapping of the ceramic. To allow the temperature to rise slowly the first 3 times, start with the top and bottom ventilation which are only open for a small part. You can slowly open these a little further, to let the temperature rise. So be patient, but after that you can go all the way with the Grizzly.


The Bastard is a ceramic barbecue and is always fired by charcoal. Use good quality charcoal with large pieces so that the Grizzly does not get choked. Fill it to the brim of the firebox.

Preferably light the charcoal with a lighter, such as the 'one minute lighter'. You can also use

You can also use firelighters, but only if they are made of natural material. Never use chemical

Never use chemical firelighters, spirit or any other liquid!


The Grizzly can get very hot. If you then suddenly open the lid, there may be a

flame. Therefore, always use barbecue gloves! If you lift the lid, first lift it slightly and with a stretched arm. In this way, oxygen can reach the fire first and you will prevent a flame from burning out.


It is not so difficult to achieve a constant high temperature of, for example, 250 degrees Celsius or a low temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius. You can also achieve a constant low temperature for up to 12 hours without adding new charcoal.

You control the temperature with the top ventilation disc and the bottom ventilation. To raise the temperature, let more oxygen into the Grizzly by opening the top and bottom vents. With less airflow in the Grizzly, the temperature drops. Then slide the top and bottom vents closer.

TIP: When slow cooking at a low temperature, always use a plate setter. Then don't let the grill get too hot. It does take hours to bring the temperature down.