Safety Instructions


Follow the assembly instructions to avoid damage or incorrect assembly of parts.


Use caution when lighting charcoal, touching the outside of the kamado, or handling hot grill surfaces. Wear heat-resistant gloves such as the High Heat Gloves. Use the Grid Lifter or Grill Clipper to grasp and lift hot grill grates. Place hot grill grates in a location that prevents contact with flammable surfaces.

Never remove the interior of the kamado when it still contains hot charcoal or is hot. The ceramic and charcoal will stay hot for a long time because the kamado insulates so well. Also, do not remove hot charcoal from the Grizzly.

Never move a hot Grizzly from its current location. The hot charcoal can cause bodily injury or property damage if dropped.  

Use caution when transporting, loading or unloading Grizzly. The kamado is heavy and may cause bodily injury or property damage if dropped.    

Do not lean on the handle, bamboo side tables, base or hinge of the Grizzly.

Take care and be careful when using the Grizzly. Avoid injury from metal parts: be careful when handling the hinge, Top Cap and air slide parts to avoid injury from metal edges.

Prevent stinging flames by carefully opening the lid of a lit Grizzly slightly before opening the entire lid. Slowly lift the lid about 5 cm (2 inches) to allow air to flow in slowly.  Take extra care when opening a lit Bastard when both air regulators are closed. The sudden influx of air can cause dangerously high flames. If there are high flames: close the lid and air vents to control the flames. Close the Top Cap and air slider when you are finished grilling to shut off the air supply and prevent the kamado from reaching high temperatures again. Be even more careful when opening the lid while the Grizzly has not yet cooled completely. At that point, keep in mind that the influx of fresh air can rekindle the fire.

Attention to the environment!

Always keep children, pets, clothing or flammable objects away from the Grizzly when it is in use. Therefore, do not allow children to open the lid or play near the Grizzly.

Do not place the Grizzly on an uneven surface, a slope, or a place where it can be knocked over. Lock the caster wheels when the Grizzly is in place.

Check the area around the Grizzly regularly to make sure it has not been affected by heat transfer.

The Grizzly should be used outdoors with adequate air circulation and not inside or near flammable objects. Always follow local laws and regulations.